Milos .... Summer getaways in carefree ilioskalopatia Aegean .....

As the ship approached Milos's port, the view you will see is very impressive! The strange horseshoe shape, which rises out the blue waters of the Aegean in combination with the beautiful Greek sun creates a magical, majestic and magnificent sight. This sight will create a desire to travel around the island!
We are sure that you will love it!

The 60 beaches are one better than the other. Incredible colors and formations , caves , cliffs , white sand . As difficult as visitors and if we are, many of them will excite us .

Milos is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters and fine golden sand , gray , white or salt lake . The variety of colors of sand as though it 's rocky landscape due to volcanic activity . The striking volcanic cave Papafraga the lunar landscape Sarakinikos with strange white rocks .

One of the most famous sights of Milos is THE STATUE OF VENUS , THE CATACOMBS , the Ancient Theatre , the Archaeological, Folklore , and the Mining Museum , which is open to the public and well worth a visit .

In western Milos endemic species a rare viper , mikrovipera sch-weizeri, for which is said to pay huge amounts for those who want to acquire. It is worth noting that the Milos viper purchased by fanatical collectors of reptiles , usually northern Europeans , against 2,000 million ( ! ) . Indeed , until recently , some visited the Apple to collect large quantities of venom for commercial reasons.







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